Leveraging the expertise gained through Open Banking, Open Vector was formed to provide a number of individual or packaged offerings to assist an industry or individual firms not only in the banking sector but to any sector that wishes to undertake an API strategy.


We are the only company in the world that have actual hands on experience of implementing open banking and open finance at country level.

Some of the staff at Open Vector were key resources involved in the UK OBIE achievement of the first open banking initiative and of the creation and implementation of the CNBV Mexican Fintech Law. Additionally, Open Vector was the only non-Chilean firm that participated in the creation of the first whitepaper on open banking presented to the Chilean senate.

The important expertise of the Open Vector team are the lessons learned of not only how to implement these key activities in a timely and cost-efficient manner but also to avoid some of the aspects that may have been done differently.

Simply put, we don’t claim to be able to do Open Banking/Finance, we have a proven track record of delivering Open Banking/Finance.



About us

Open Vector Limited is an advisory firm established in 2017 with the purpose of advising governments, financial institutions and fintechs with the key pillars needed to implement and integrate open banking / open finance.

These key components are:

  • Data standards & API Standards
  • Privacy Standards
  • Regulatory benchmarks & international experience / best practices
  • API architecture (security, technical integration) and framework
  • Strategic change management
  • Commercial strategy
  • Technical architecture & security components
  • Workshops & Masterclass


In the United Kingdom, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), derived from its investigation on the retail banking market, ordered in 2017 to the nine biggest UK banks (referred to as the CMA9) the implementation of the initiative known as Open Banking, aiming to stimulate innovation to increase competition in the sector in benefit of consumers.

The goal of Open Banking is for banks to share data related to their products and services, as well as customers to give banks their consent to share their own financial data (i.e. transactional history, account balance) with third parties who have the ability to generate a diversity of solutions based on the shared data, providing more and better financial services but, above all, more personalized, contributing to improve each person´s financial health and user experience.

This initiative has started to spread around the world, where authorities are trying to introduce it within their own market structures, adopting different approaches for its implementation and development.

Latin America is one region that has a thriving Fintech sector and countries as Brazil and Mexico are advancing in implementing Open Banking, based in the UK’s experience, aiming to promote competition and to support innovation and financial inclusion. In both cases, the data sharing goes beyond the banking sector, including many financial sectors, with the objective to achieve an Open Finance ecosystem.

The Team

The team at Open Vector are subject matter experts and experienced individuals that pride themselves in our mission to drive true “social and financial inclusion to the banked and primarily the unbanked”.

It is Open Vector’s remit to use this experience to “unleash the power of data”.



Technical Services

  • API Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Technical Integration
  • Cloud Services
  • Directory and Registry Services
  • Sandbox/Testing Services

Industry Service Lines

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Pensions
  • Savings / ISA’s
  • Financial Regulators

Data Standards & Regulatory Initiatives

  • ISO 20022
  • Data Modelling
  • GDPR/Consent
  • Data Modelling



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